Frussie's Deli to Reopen May 1

When Frussie's Deli owner James Dicks closed his South Knoxville restaurant last September to deal with chemotherapy, it was doubly heart-breaking for those who love him and his unique sammies. But now there appears to be a sandwich savior on the horizon: Frussie's follower Eric Lykins announced on the Knoxviews blog Monday that he'll be reopening the fabled deli on May 1. "Three of my best friends put some nickels together, and Alexandra Spinosa and I are going to be baking bread, making sandwiches, making this work, and not losing everybody's farm," Lykins wrote. Under Dicks' supervision, Lykins will be learning his bread-baking secrets, which were key to Frussie's awesomeness. But there will be one major change: "I'm not going in at 2 o'clock in the morning to bake bread.