Former Gov. Ned McWherter Upgrades Ride for Son's Race

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mike McWherter told a local group last week his dad is gearing up to help with his campaign and spending some money to ensure he's comfortable doing it.

Mike McWherter told a group at the Young Professional Democrats of East Tennessee event at Oodles Uncorked that he asked his dad what he wanted for his 79th birthday, but former Gov. Ned McWherter said don't worry about it. His gift to himself was a Chrysler Sebring convertible, telling his son he would have to fill in for him at parade events and that the small convertibles usually provided are a problem for the somewhat bulky McWherter. So he bought an American-made large convertible so "they didn't have to use a crane to get me in and out of it."

About 100 people, a mixture of old line Knoxville Democrats and young professionals, hosted the event for McWherter. The Young Professionals group was formed by, among others, Shelley Breeding and Cortney Piper.