Forbes Article Naming McGhee Tyson Misses Mark had a fairly stupid story last week on "America's Rip-Off Airports" that ranked McGhee Tyson as number seven on the top 10 list. You may have noticed you've never bought a ticket from an airport; tickets are priced and sold by the airlines.

But that aside, ticket prices locally are a source of concern. If you ask around you are told the airlines have little incentive for a price war. Seems the travel offices at local federal agencies pay whatever they are asked for a ticket—it's not their money and Dr. So-and-So really needs to get to Washington, D.C., tomorrow. There is no incentive to buy tickets well in advance, negotiate bargains, or find alternatives.

The airlines have no incentive to engage in price competition. If they have half a planeload of people paying full fares, why would they want a plane full of people paying half fares? They make the same money with fewer headaches.