Farewell to Frussie's Deli

Loyal patrons were hoping the signs on the locked doors at Frussie's Deli in South Knoxville just indicated a schedule change on owner James Dicks' traditional annual two-month sabbatical, but he's selling the deli for the most wrenching reason: cancer. "I'm doing chemo, started last week, and I don't have the energy to work the deli, too," he says. "I don't know how long I'll be doing the chemo, and I can't just keeping paying the rent in the meantime." Dicks, who's been home-baking bread and slicing New York City-quality roasted cold cuts for 14 years in the Knoxville location, and 10 previously in Gatlinburg, will remain in the area. The deli's been for sale two weeks, and has had a couple of queries, which are being handled by Bill Keck of Real Estate Associates. If all goes well, Dicks says, he'll take up a different type of work later, one that doesn't require 12-hour days.