Ethics Complaint Filed Against Ramsey

An ethics complaint has been filed against Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey over his PowerPoint presentation calling the state attorney general an enemy of "job creators."

Barry Schmittou argues in his filing that drug companies that have been fined, cited by Ramsey as evidence of anti-business, have given Ramsey campaign contributions. Schmittou also notes that the state seal is prominently displayed on the material.

The complaint also says the settlements achieved by the AG, singled out by Ramsey, were against companies that have been fined for unethical practices.

Schmittou has been involved in ethics cases before. He filed a complaint against state Sen. John Ford, but the case didn't reach completion because Ford went to prison, caught in an FBI sting.

Ramsey has been using the PowerPoint presentation with business groups to encourage them to support his efforts to defeat three Democrats on the state Supreme Court and replace them with Republicans. The court picks the attorney general, which has always been a Democrat. Ramsey wants a Republican attorney general.