Errant E-mail Causes Rift

School board member Pam Trainor got an e-mail from a friend gushing with praise for Superintendent Jim McIntyre and extremely critical of teachers who are complaining to the school board. Trainor sent the e-mail to the central office with a request it be sent to fellow school board members with her note at the top saying "this is huge!!!!"

School board member Mike McMillan shared the e-mail, which made the rounds just before the school board voted to extend McIntyre's contract. Trainor blasted McMillan at the school board meeting for violating a confidence in sharing the e-mail, accusing him of trying to harm her re-election chances.

The e-mail said the writer is "angry, sickened, and horrified" at some of the comments teachers are making on social media and decried the lynch-mob mentality surrounding the contract extension. It also urges Trainor not to reward the teachers' "gross misconduct and unprofessionalism" by granting their wishes.