Election Commission's Warp-Speed Governance

Planning to attend a Knox County Election Commission meeting?

They're called to order at the stroke of 8—in the morning—so you better leave home early if you're going to find a parking spot as close to the City County Building as you can afford to pay for, get through front door security, and claim your seat in the Small Assembly Room.

Take, for example, the highly productive March 26 meeting, which was called to order at 8:04 a.m., at which time they ran lickety-split through a 14-item agenda, voting not only to close down the polling place at 16-South (Belle Morris), but also combining, eliminating, redrawing, and/or creating 20 other polling places; approving the 2012-'13 budget; certifying the March 6 election; approving the last meeting's minutes; listening to the administrator's report; discussing voter's registration cards; opening up the meeting for public forum (which admittedly didn't take long since nobody shows up to speak at that hour) and adjourning at 8:31 a.m., having done a day's work by the time the sun came up.