Election Commission and Administrator Up in the Air

The Knox County legislative delegation is meeting today to try and sort out the mess surrounding the future of the Election Commission and its administrator.

Some legislators are afraid that firing Knox County election administrator Greg Mackay would cause a public outcry. Mackay is popular with some Republicans and local media. But the rank and file is demanding that Knox follow tradition and most other counties; since Republicans control the House, then local election commissions should be majority Republican and that the coordinator needs to be a Republican.

One thing that is being discussed is appointing a Republican with the understanding they would retain Mackay as the first assistant.

The part-time election commissioner position is being sought by former appointed County Commissioner Jack Huddleston and by broadcaster Kelvin Moxley.

Legislators are being lobbied to appoint a commissioner to support and have them support City Councilman Steve Hall as election coordinator. Hall is term-limited off City Council this year. There is also support for school board member Cindy Buttry.

Mackay is taking a wait-and-see attitude. State Sen. Tim Burchett has scheduled a meeting of the Knox County delegation today (Mar. 12) after session to discuss what to do.