EB = Pain Squared

The promotion of UT Vol Eric Berry for the Heisman Trophy now features a series of gag film clips, one to be released after each game of the season. The clips play on the Jumbotron at Neyland Stadium and will be on EricBerryforHeisman.com. They will also be on YouTube.

The purpose of the clips is to get national attention for Berry, especially on ESPN's SportsCenter, and get him in front of Heisman voters. The first two clips have a band called the "Loveberrys," who sound suspiciously like the annoying FreeCreditReport.com commercials, following Berry around and singing his praises. Spoiler alert: In one of them, they are playing while Berry works out and he grabs the guitar and smashes it. The videos are listed as being from "Kiffin Films."

The song notes Berry is a defensive back, like Charles Woodson, and notes that it's time for "payback." Woodson was the defensive back who won the Heisman instead of Peyton Manning, a decision that will live in infamy in the Vol Nation.

The clips were shot by noted videographer Barry Rice, a veteran of the local television production industry.

Einstein came up with E=MC Squared for his theory of relativity. Eric Berry has his own formula for success. He came up with EB=Pain Squared as his tag line.