Earn Big Money With Your Populist Rage

While our cover story this issue asks, "How did Tennessee's educators become the new public enemy?" the answer may be simple: Because repudiating them pays well.

A Feb. 26 Knoxville Craigslist ad declares, "FIGHT CORRUPT UNIONS AND TAKE AMERICA BACK!" How? Why, by helping organize "protests, signature campaigns and grassroots movements that will help limit the damage of public workers unions." Hey, nothing wrong with tapping citizens' discontent over this vital issue and enlisting volunteers, right? "Sick of Unions chipping away at the core of American Values? Tired of Teachers and State workers bankrupting our future? Take action and take America Back!"

But this isn't a call for volunteers, it's an ad listed under "nonprofit jobs." Perhaps organizers have had some difficulty finding people who are actually angry over teachers' unions—because they promise "Compensation: $800 a week."

Now that's how you inspire an interest in politics--the old-fashioned way.