Early Vote Flips on Election Day

Early voting usually foreshadows election results and it didn't look good for law director candidate Bud Armstrong on election night. The early voting results had current Law Director Joe Jarret up by a 53-47 percent margin.

But the election day results offered a dramatic flip-flop, with Armstrong coming in with a 54-45 lead. Since so many more people vote on election day as opposed to early voting, Armstrong won.

Meanwhile, incumbent Property Assessor Phil Ballard maintained a 60-40 lead through early voting as well as election day. This prevented John Whitehead, the former assessor who was term-limited, from making a comeback.

Armstrong, who has represented East Knox County on County Commission, needed a good vote from his neighbors to offset the overwhelming endorsement of Jarret by Knoxville lawyers. But in early voting out east, only 483 people voted at Carter and 2,069 voted at New Harvest. Contrast that with 4,288 voters at Downtown West and 3,207 in Farragut. Armstrong had argued that his voters tend to be people who like to vote on election day and he seems to have been right.