Donor Annoyed By Mark Padgett's Late Fund-Raising

A big contributor to mayoral candidate Mark Padgett received an e-mail invitation to another Padgett fund-raiser last weekend and responded with a blistering e-mail about Padgett's fund-raising strategy. Padgett has raised the most money by far of anyone in the mayoral race. His e-mailer wondered why he is still raising money when he ought to be spending more time campaigning and spending his funds running commercials.

"You don't even need to be at this place, and you especially don't need to be asking people at this point to give you $250. It is way too late in the process to be doing this. You have the money you need…You have waited too long and I fear you are going to pay for it on Election Day."

The donor adds, "…my friend, I think I might (want) my ($1,000) investment back—and you obviously still have it."