Does it Taste the Same with Tax Stamp?

The long-awaited Popcorn Sutton moonshine distillery is opening on Highway 25 in Newport. The legal version of the outlaw Marvin "Popcorn" Sutton's brew is based on his recipes and brewed by his associate, Jamey Grosser.

The distillery company opened in Nashville because Cocke County didn't allow legal distilleries. But the law has been changed and a 46,000 square-foot building that will eventually employ 36 people is opening in Cocke County. It will open this spring according to an announcement by state economic development officials.

Sutton was a third-generation moonshiner and one of the largest moonshine distillers in Cocke County. He committed suicide rather than go to prison after being nabbed by the 'revenuers. He was featured in a video with Johnny Knoxville that made him famous.

Meanwhile, another Nashville moonshine maker is moving into East Tennessee. American Born Moonshine, based in Nashville, had a kickoff party this week at Hanna's Cafe in the Old City.