Did Tourism Head Get Bonus Pay From Hail Storm?

Inquiring minds want to know if Gloria Ray benefits from a hail storm.

One of the issues raised by the recent revelation that Ray, head of the Knoxville Tourism and Sports Corp., gets salary and bonuses amounting to over $400,000 is whether the group gets credit for any increase in the hotel-motel tax.

Other groups that hold events in Knoxville think they should get some of the credit for increased local business. And then there are other reasons for people coming to Knoxville.

After last year's hail storm, for instance, homeowner insurance checks flooded Knoxville mailboxes. Local roofers contracted to make repairs and the town was invaded with an army of out-of-town roofers, subcontracting to get the work done. Most moderate- to low-rent motels in town were full of out-of-town workers for weeks at a time, paying the hotel-motel tax.

If the influx of workers does indeed cause a spike in tax revenues, does that figure into the formula for KTSC compensation?