Did Roy Herron Pay for Michael Steele's Trip?

When Republican National Committee Chair Michael Steele went on a bus tour through West Tennessee to promote the "Fire Pelosi" campaign for Republican congressional candidates, he posed for pictures along the way. Jenci Spradlin, who blogs at Moderately Marvelous, posed with Steele wearing a T-shirt.

Steele evidently didn't notice that the T-shirt promoted the candidacy of House Speaker Kent Williams. Steele came to Tennessee last year and told a crowd in Kingsport the RNC would see to it that Williams did not return to the Legislature and they "would have a target on his back and we're taking him out." The state Republican Party threw Williams out after he joined with Democrats to vote himself speaker in 2009.

Good luck to Mr. Steele, who is black, campaigning in rural West Tennessee. The traditionally Democratic rural counties there turned out anemic results for Congressman Harold Ford Jr.'s senate race and for President Obama. One Democratic wag wondered if Democratic congressional candidate Roy Herron paid for Steele's trip.