Dems for Haslam

The long list of the recently announced Democrats for Haslam included members of his mayoral administration. For example, Sam Anderson, a recently retired director, and current director Tank Strickland. Anderson was a longtime school board member (he retired this year), and Strickland was just term limited off County Commission, where he served as chair.

One Democrat's name conspicuously absent is Madeline Rogero. Rogero lost a close race to Haslam for his first term but later joined the administration. Rogero has announced she is running to succeed Haslam and will leave the city in January to begin her full-time campaign.

Two big-time Democratic contributors on the list who don't often agree are attorneys Don Bosch and Greg Isaacs. Two others who are usually big contributors to Democrats: Gordon Ball and Jim Jennings. The only incumbent Democratic City Council member on the list is Duane Grieve, also rumored to be interested in the mayor's race if his health permits.