Democrats for Haslam!

One reason Democrats may be having trouble finding a candidate to run against Republican Gov. Bill Haslam is that many of them are supporting Haslam.

Former state Democratic Party Chair Randy Button was a host for a Haslam fund-raiser this week, pledging to raise $50,000 for the governor. Another host, pledging to raise $100,000 for Haslam, was Gov. Phil Bredesen's Deputy Governor Dave Cooley. Anna Windrow, who served on Bredesen's staff, was also a host in the $50,000 category.

They join a long list of top Democratic lobbyists who were also on the host committee.

The Tuesday breakfast got in just under the wire. Session started Tuesday and the governor and legislators are prohibited from raising campaign contributions during session. Which is one reason session is predicted to end in mid-April to clear the decks for campaigning.