Cynthia Moxley's 18th Annual Mid-Winter Celebration Draws 'In Crowd'

City and county officials, judges, business execs, clients and assorted FOMs (Friends of Mox) will gather Friday afternoon for Cynthia Moxley's 18th annual mid-winter celebration. Two to three hundred of the "in crowd" will gather at her suite of offices in the First Tennessee Plaza where traditionally deals get done, gossip is updated, and there is the occasional shoving match.

There will be a large contingent of elected officials, but Moxley Carmichael doesn't "sunshine" the event. When you offer free food and drink, you can assume you will be having more journalists show up than at an SPJ meeting.

Past "hosts" for the event have included Donald Trump, Cupid, and Barney Fife. This year's host is Mercury, the messenger god, to promote Moxley Carmichael's "Blue Streak" blog.