Crown and Goose Celebrates 13-month Birthday

The Crown & Goose had a packed house last Wednesday for its first-anniversary party, and several hundred appeared for the complimentary wine and hors d'oeuvres on its particularly urbane rear courtyard, as the Johnson Swingtet performed. Co-owner Jeffrey Nash was back there, himself. When one observant patron noted that the Goose seemed to be fibbing about its age—several of us have distinct memories of it being wide open, and very busy, in early March, 2008—Nash responded, without a pause. "It's a baker's year," the former Londoner said, as if patiently explaining another quaint Britishism to stolid Americans. "A baker's dozen is 13, a baker's year is 13 months." Nash's associates noted that the weather on April 1 was better than, say, March 1 for exploiting the gastropub's most unusual features: its skyline-surrounded beer garden and its fold-away front wall.