County Commissioner Jeff Ownby Gets Unfriended

Politics is a rough business. That's what newbie County Commissioner Jeff Ownby learned last week, according to a post on his Facebook wall. "Well today I lost a friend on facebook because of my vote on Midway last night," he wrote Saturday, adding, "I made what I felt was the right decision." Ownby's vote against the East Knox County Sector Plan, which included a proposed business park on Midway Road, placed him in the 7-4 Commission majority that rejected the plan. (See Citybeat)

But commenters on the 4th District commissioner's wall swarmed to reassure him that he had done the right thing. Among those chiming in were Shopper-News publisher Sandra Clark, who told him, "Jeff, you are a hero to many of us. Your vote on Midway was the right one," and former 8th District Commissioner Bud Armstrong, who welcomed Ownby to the can't-please-everybody club (all spellings are sic—this is Facebook, after all): "You have to make tough decissions win some friend lose some," Armstrong wrote. "Go with your convections, your values, your intellect and your heart. Thank you for your service, friendship and vote. Your friend - always - what ever your vote in the future might be. We will not always agree, but we will always be friends." Aw. Who knew county commissioners could be so sweet?