County Commission Candidates Name Treasurers

Did you ever have to make up your mind?

In upcoming Knox County Commission races, two candidates have named treasurers to run in two different districts. District lines were redrawn this year, providing an exemption to the living-in-the-district-one-year provision.

Don Daugherty, former chair of the local Democratic Party, has named a treasurer to run in District 3. He is the only candidate to do so in that district. But he also named a treasurer to run in District 2—now held by Commissioner Amy Broyles. You can name a treasurer for multiple Commission races (but not for another office) but you can only file a petition to run in one of them.

Andrew Graybeal has named a treasurer in District 7 and in District 8. Graybeal is running in the Republican primary. Graybeal ran for tax assessor last year as a Democrat. But he appeared at the Halls Republican club to renounce the Democratic Party and announce his conversion to Republicanism. The 7th will likely be the hottest contest in commission races, pitting incumbents R. Larry Smith and Michelle Carringer against each other, as well as newcomer Lillian Williams.