Claiborne Back in Duncan's District

When a Congressman gets new counties added to his district, the first election can be crucial. Ask Congressman Chuck Fleischmann, who narrowly won his third district race. His new counties were carried handily by his opponent Scottie Mayfield.

Redistricting added three new counties to U.S. Rep. Jimmy Duncan's district for this election and the Knoxville Republican went to Lincoln Memorial University in Claiborne County on Saturday to speak at a Lincoln Day Dinner. He thanked the locals for giving him 89.5 percent of the vote in Claiborne County. (He also won heavily in his other new counties, Grainger and Jefferson, albeit against token opposition.)

After a standing ovation to welcome him, Duncan told the group that the county has sort of returned to the fold, having been represented by his father in years past.

Duncan talked about his ties to LMU. His son Zane graduated there. His wife Lynn works in the LMU development office. And the LMU law school in Knoxville is the "John J. Duncan Jr." law school.

Duncan faces Democrat Troy Goodale in the general election.

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