Citizen Cosby continues Listening Tour

Citizen Cosby is continuing his talking and listening tour; this past week took him to South Knoxville for a meeting of the village elders.

Lewis Cosby, a retired CPA who has done extensive study of the financial improprieties in County Mayor Mike Ragsdale's office and pointed out violations of the county charter, has been on a tour of lunches, breakfasts and coffees soliciting advice on whether he should run for County Mayor in 2010.

At the regular Friday morning Shoney's breakfast meeting in South Knoxville, he was introduced to (and had been invited by) Commissioner Paul Pinkston. The Friday morning breakfast club is a group of community political junkies and is a favorite stop for anyone running for office. Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam, back from his statewide tour announcing his gubernatorial plans, also stopped by for breakfast. Ken Knight, expected to run for City Council this year, also attended.

Cosby explained how he was intrigued by reports of financial problems and asked Ragsdale, on the Hal Hill morning show, if he could come down and look at the books. Ragsdale said bring it on. Cosby has been a frequent source for news media explaining various audits and has been questioned at County Commission meetings asking his explanation for the finer points of audit conclusions.

Thus far, state Sen. Tim Burchett is the only announced candidate for County Mayor in the 2010 election.