Citadel Moves NewsTalk to 98.7

It's rare in the radio business to try and make listeners change the station, but it appears to be a good strategy being employed by Citadel locally. The NewsTalk gang (Hal, Phil, Rush, etc.) has moved to 98.7, but had been simulcasting on 100.3, their former home.

WNOX (100.3) will be taken over by Ed Brantley and Johnny Pirkle; Brantley and Bob Thomas will launch a morning talk show on Monday, Aug. 2. If the simulcast had continued, many listeners would have turned in that morning to the usual NewsTalk crew and discovered the new show.

But Citadel has stopped the simulcast, moved NewsTalk exclusively to 98.7, and 100.3 now has continuous messages telling you to reset your radio to the new station. And the promos are annoying enough to make you absolutely want to change stations.

Citadel had been leasing the 100,000 watt signal at 100.3 from Pirkle but the lease was voided by the national Citadel operation being in bankruptcy. So Pirkle will take the station back on Aug. 1 and has hired Brantley, former Citadel executive, to launch a new talk show format, mixing news talk and sports.