A Charme-ing Candidate?

Who is Charme Knight?

If you read her website, Elect Charme Knight (charmeknight.com), you will discover she is a career prosecutor and is running to be the next district attorney general for Knox County. Democratic DA Randy Nichols is retiring and Knight, who is a Republican prosecutor in Nichols' office, is running to replace him.

There has been an agreement for some time that one Nichols staffer would run for the office to establish continuity rather than having several assistant DA's running against each other. It had long been expected that Leland Price, a high-profile prosecutor in the Christian-Newsom rape/murder prosecutions, would be the pick.

But several sources in the local legal community say Knight is a formidable candidate and is active and popular among Republican groups around the county. She is the odds-on favorite to win the post. Price will instead run for judge. Knight has not been as high-profile as some other prosecutors, but has focused on prosecuting pedophiles in recent years. She heads the sex-abuse unit. She has been in the DA's office since serving a clerkship in 1989 while still in law school, then joining the staff when she graduated.