Carry Whatever Wherever

Nashville restaurateur Randy Rayburn filed an injunction on Monday to try to stop the "Restaurant Carry Bill" from going into effect on July 14. Biggest highlight: An oft-cited argument for this law throughout the past few months has been that "38 other states allow" some version of "restaurant carry."

Here's the good part: Those other states differentiate between "bars" (where they don't allow guns) and "restaurants" (where they do, sometimes). Tennessee does not make this distinction at all. The only stipulation in that direction was contained within the new law itself, requiring that "restaurants" serve at least one meal a day, five days a week. But it doesn't say what a meal is! What, calorie count? Does it need to have more than one component? Can it be popcorn or peanuts? Answer: If in doubt, err on the side of allowing people to bring their loaded guns anywhere they want.