Can't Go To the Video

Local television stations may be regretting that they no longer have traffic cams on the towers atop Sharp's Ridge. Since TDOT installed traffic cams on the interstates they have shifted the cameras to other uses.

But local legend has it (with many testimonies) that in the old days the late shift at a station might just swing the camera around and check out the action in Sharp's Ridge Park, long a meeting place for anonymous sex of various gender combinations.

But even if they still had them they likely would have been pointed at interstate traffic at 4:30 p.m. last Thursday when Knox County Commissioner Jeff Ownby and another man were arrested for indecent exposure in the park as part of a police sting. So no news video of the police sting appears to exist.

Ironically, Ownby had just completed an interview at WBIR that afternoon to discuss the property tax increase for schools, and the timeline would have him driving directly from the interview to Sharp's Ridge.

The park remains an attraction for some people even though 1.) Everybody in town knows that's where people go. 2.) Everybody in town knows the neighbors frequently complain to the police. And 3.) Everybody knows the police periodically go up there and conduct sting operations.

(It might be cheaper for the police to install their own "traffic" cam.)