Can You Spot the Egg?

You can go "Easter egg" hunting in Tim Burchett's latest ad for county mayor.

At the point where Burchett is walking up a trail on House Mountain, his back to the camera, look into the right bottom corner of the screen and you will see a turtle crawling down the trail.

This is a subtle reference to a much talked about Burchett commercial during a run for the state senate. He had gained notoriety with his infamous "road kill" bill, allowing people to pick up deer and other game killed on the highway and use it. In the commercial, Burchett is headed to Nashville but brakes his truck, gets out and picks up a turtle crossing the road and safely takes it to the other side.

The commercial was conceived and shot by Tom Jester, known for provocative or quirky commercials in Knoxville. Jester shot the latest Burchett commercial, picking House Mountain, "the highest point in Knox County, symbolic of taking the high ground" in the race for mayor.