Can Forrester Keep His Job as State Dem Chair?

Chip Forrester became chair of the state Democratic Party two years ago over the objections of some heavy hitters in the party, notably Gov. Phil Bredesen and Doug Horne. They preferred Charles Robert Bone. But after the shellacking the Democrats took in the last election, strong support by some of the executive committee is not likely to be enough to let Forrester keep the job.

The executive committee will meet Saturday to pick a chair and Forrester is seeking re-election to another two-year term. He is believed to have the support of a plurality of the executive committee, including Knoxville members, in the first round of voting. But he has two opponents in Wade Munday and Matt Kuhn. After a round of voting the candidate with the lowest vote will drop out and another round of voting will take place.

Kuhn is from Shelby County and has the support of some big donors, like Horne. Insiders believe if Kuhn goes into the final round Munday's votes will likely switch to him. Those favoring retaining Forrester are likely to have voted for him on the first round. Heavy handed support for Kuhn, however, may be helping Munday who could emerge as a compromise choice.

Earlier, state Republicans, who were big winners in the election, rewarded chair Chris Devaney with a resounding re-election.

Corrected: Mr. Munday's first name is Wade, not Wayne.