Campfield Seated at Convention

The Gingrich campaign did not petition the credentials committee to prevent state Sen. Stacey Campfield, R-Knoxville, from being seated at the Republican National Convention this week. The campaign had asked the state Republican Party to remove Campfield as a Gingrich delegate, though he was elected as one, because a few days before the primary Campfield endorsed Rick Santorum. The state party refused, saying it was a matter for the convention credentials committee to sort out.

Campfield had been the state co-chair of the Gingrich campaign in Tennessee.

Campfield went to the convention and said as a Newt Gingrich delegate he was committed to vote for the former U.S. House Speaker for the first two rounds. Since Gingrich dropped out of the race his campaign didn't bother to file a protest.

The Republican rules committee has voted to require that, in 2016, delegates be required to vote for the candidate who wins their state, which would have covered the Campfield situation. This is seen as an effort to squash candidates like Ron Paul, who had a noisy six-hour event Sunday night. Paul could not be nominated because he does not control at least five state delegations, but his supporters and delegates are making a lot of noise in Tampa.