Burchetts Headed for Divorce

Is it something in the water? Former Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale got a divorce while in office and has since married former staffer Allison Wagley. Now County Mayor Tim Burchett's wife Allison has filed for divorce.

The impending Burchett divorce has been the talk of the courthouse for some weeks. Mayor Burchett has been trying to prepare for a nasty process, telling friends and associates to expect his soon-to-be-former wife to make some ugly allegations during the course of the divorce.

That might be hinted by her divorce filing, which says Tim Burchett is "guilty of such inappropriate marital conduct as will be proved at the hearing of this case." Allison Burchett is represented by Martha Mears, one of the top divorce attorneys in the area.

Burchett and his wife were married four years ago.