Burchett Seeks $80,000 Raise?! Not Really...

Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett has gone to the mat for East Knox County since taking office, siding with the community against the Midway Business Park and supporting a new elementary school for Carter. So it was surprising to see an East Knox-based newspaper with a headline screaming across the front page that Burchett was trying to get an $80,000 pay raise.

The article, by Knoxville Focus publisher Steve Hunley, said a proposal in the Legislature to equalize the pay of the county mayor and the school superintendent translated into an attempt to raise Burchett's salary to that of superintendent. We assume he was referring to a bill (that isn't going anywhere) that has an "education" caption and would reduce superintendent pay. It would not allow raising the county mayor's pay. But most of the article was about the controversy over fee-office budgets, which seems to be the real, ahem, focus of Hunley's ire with Burchett.

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