Burchett Rolls

Despite Tim Burchett telling everybody to come to his fund-raiser, whether they could afford it or not, he still raised about $50,000 from about 700 people gathering on a farm off Keller Bend Road last week. The state senator, who is running for county mayor, is currently the only announced candidate for the job.

Burchett had Jim Clayton headline the musical entertainment. Burchett said he was trying to give multi-millionaire Clayton's career a little boost. There were lots of courthouse faces at the event and some Democrats, like former County Clerk Mike Padgett.

Burchett's strategy of relentless door-to-door campaigning and rolling up contributions in an unchallenged field has led to speculation he may get through the race unopposed. Former Sheriff Tim Hutchison's fund-raising base—car dealers—has fallen on hard times. Hutchison was or was not a partner in the recently bankrupt Dean-Stallings Ford dealership, depending on whether his sale of his share went through or not. His partners listed him as a one-third owner in the bankruptcy filing.

Louis Cosby, the retired CPA and ethics committee member, who made a name for himself raising questions about County Mayor Mike Ragsdale's financial practices, is still considering a run and making the rounds.