Bredesen Staffers Look to Life Beyond 2010

Coming up on the final year of the Bredesen administration, you can expect a number of staffers to bail. It's easier to find a job if you are a powerful member of state government rather than an unemployed former member of state government.

Next up may be Dave Goetz, the commissioner of finance and administration, who is likely to pursue opportunities in the private sector before the beginning of the next legislative session. Goetz's office has had the onerous duty lately of announcing more and more red ink and a gaping budget deficit due to declining state revenues. His office will also be responsible for coming up with a budget for next year, which may be more challenging than this one unless the economy turns around.

Budget duties next year may fall to John Morgan, the former longtime state treasurer who joined Bredesen's staff when he was ousted by the Republican takeover of the state House of Representatives.