Blogger Humor Lost on Phil Valentine, Ron Ramsey

Sometimes bloggers are just too subtle.

Jeff Woods, at Pith in the Wind, had to explain to Nashville radio talk show host Phil Valentine that his satirical item about Zach Wamp comparing Bill Haslam to Rin Tin Tin was not true after Valentine used it as an example of Wamp having a screw loose. (Though Woods concedes Wamp did refer to Haslam as "Bobby Ewing," the younger brother in Dallas, the old television show about a Texas oil family.)

This comes after R. Neal's satirical "endorsement" on KnoxViews of Haslam as the best bet to further the Obama-Pelosi liberal agenda. The item was cited by Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey's campaign as an example of Haslam being a closet liberal being endorsed by a liberal blog.