Being an NRA "Lifer" Takes $1,000

In this political year, you often hear that a candidate is a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association—it's the bona fides for being a Second Amendment stalwart worthy of the gun vote.

So if you decide to run for office you just have to hope your daddy signed you up as a member of the NRA while you were in the crib. Well, not exactly. You see, if you sign up with the NRA and give them $1,000 you get credentials as a "life member" of the NRA. You can buy a life membership one week and qualify to run for office the next week. Life membership applies to future years, when you don't have to pay annual dues. It has nothing to do with your previous life.

It's sort of the NRA's way of welcoming you into the fold and giving you cover.

It would be more helpful if candidates would, in the interest of full disclosure, produce their first NRA membership card, with a date on it.