Beer Summit Brews Positive Results for Marble City Brewery

The other week we brought you the news that the local start-up Marble City Brewing Company would not have their beer hitting the Knoxville market as soon as planned, due to a lawsuit filed against them by Albuquerque's Marble Brewery.

Now, it seems, the issue may have been resolved—not in court, but over a couple of beers. The Bearden Beer Market last week posted on its Facebook page:

"Major Development!! Marble City and Marble Brewery just had a Summit at BBM!! They have decided to co-exist in Knoxville! Marble City is now READY TO START ROLLING OUT BEER!!!!!!!!!!"

We put in a call to Marble City's Johnathan Borsodi, who confirmed that after a meeting, Marble Brewery's Jeff Jinnet had agreed to let Marble City sell their beer in Knoxville without changing the name. Marble City's brewhouse is back to work.