Becky Duncan Massey Doesn't Quite Hit 100

Who knew? State Senate candidate Marilyn Roddy got a 100 percent rating from Tennessee Right to Life and Becky Duncan Massey did not. A lot of people were under the impression that Roddy was pro-choice. No doubt her veteran campaign consultant Ward Baker explained to her that in filling out the Right to Life questionnaire, you agree with all their positions or you don't get the coveted "100 percent" rating.

After Roddy put out a press release touting the "endorsement," Massey supporters protested. The anti-abortion group immediately said they did not endorse in the race and said all the Republican candidates were fine.

Massy reportedly had some questions about stem cell research, which is why she didn't get the 100 percent rating.

Congressman Jimmy Duncan, Massey's brother, is reportedly incensed that any group would suggest that a Duncan is not a committed pro-life supporter. Victoria DeFreese, the other candidate in the Republican primary, also got a 100 percent rating.

Corrected: Ward Baker is a consultant to the Roddy campaign, not its manager.