Battle Royal, Sans Democrats

The Republicans are gearing up for a desperate political battle. No, it isn't against the lackluster Democrats unlikely to find much success this November. It's against other Republicans. After seven incumbent Republicans lost their seats in primaries, it will change the makeup of the House Republican caucus.

House Speaker Pro Tem Judd Matheny has thrown down the gauntlet to run against his boss, Speaker Beth Harwell. Matheny is part of a Tea Party group in Middle Tennessee determined to take the Republicans even further to the right. Matheny's main issue is that the Muslims are attempting to take over the state and, evidently, the local elected circuit judges are going to start consulting the Koran in making decisions and sneak in Sharia law. Exhibit A is Gov. Bill Haslam hiring a good ole West Tennessee girl who happens to be a Muslim.

The House Republicans will also have to elect a new caucus chair, since state Rep. Debra Maggert was defeated—or, in the words of a gun group leader, she was "crucified" as an example.

Tennessee Freedom Coalition leader Andy Miller spent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to stop Sharia law by defeating "squishy" Republicans. He is now being investigated by the Registry of Election Finance.

The NRA is trying to identify which House Republicans are working under their direction as opposed to Harwell's.

It is highly entertaining, but we do have to get the November elections finished in order to get on with the real political battle. By the way, Matheny has a Democratic opponent who has pledged to vote for Harwell for another term as speaker.