Battle Over Redrawing Congressional Districts Commences

There is an ugly little battle brewing behind closed doors over redrawing congressional districts in Tennessee. You see, there was supposed to be a redrawing for next year and certain people would then run and win. But in the last election the wrong people ran and won anyway.

So the battle, behind closed doors, will be to straighten it all out.

Congressman Scott DesJarlais, a Republican, came out of nowhere and beat incumbent Democratic Congressman Lincoln Davis in the 4th District. Who is this guy? He's not one of the in-crowd. So look for his district to be redrawn so that it will include the home of some more deserving veteran Republican. Somebody like state Sen. Bill Ketron.

Congressman Chuck Fleischmann wasn't supposed to beat party darling Robin Smith in the 3rd District. But he did. Who is this guy? So now Winston Wamp, son of Zach, is gearing up to oppose him in the next Republican primary.

When they change the 4th District to accommodate Ketron, however, they will not be helping Congressman Marsha Blackburn, who wants more Middle Tennessee voters so she can get the hell out of Shelby County, a magnet for past and future opponents. And if they find Middle Tennessee Republicans for Blackburn there aren't enough Republicans left to redraw Democrat Jim Cooper's district so they can beat him.

It's hard to find a computer program that finds a way to redraw the lines in suburban Nashville to provide only Republican seats and account for all the egos involved.