A Barrage of Questions

It's a wonder candidates find time to campaign. A big part of the election process these days is filling out questionnaires from various interest groups. Please answer our questions on issues important to our members.

So a candidate might be in the awkward position one day of explaining to both the Homebuilders and the Tennessee Clean Water Network their position on Hillside and Ridgetop Development. Knox Heritage wants to know what you have ever done to help preserve historic structures and what will you do in the future?

COIN wants to know if you love neighborhoods and how will you show your appreciation. The Public Trust PAC wants to know your entire criminal history. Various homeowner groups want detailed explanations about your attitude on codes enforcements and various corridor initiatives.

The South Knoxville Republican Club wants to know if state Senate candidates would support nullification of federal laws that are unconstitutional. Guns groups want to know if you have any plans to restrict gun totin' in any venue.

And of course there are media questions as well, including an exhaustive survey of the issues by Metro Pulse, with the answers posted on the Internet.