An Auriemma Tribute. Really?

Vol fans are emotionally affected and stunned, if the comments are any indication, by a blog-post tribute to Lady Vols Coach Pat Summitt by the daughter of her most famous nemesis, Gino Auriemma, the coach at Connecticut.

Alysa (Ally) Auriemma talks about the time Summitt called her (she was 11) and tried to recruit her to Tennessee, the times they met over the years. But she mostly pays tribute to Summitt's achievements in women's sports and points out her father could not have achieved what he has without Summitt leading the way. She chides Connecticut fans for not recognizing Summitt's achievements and says whatever her father has accomplished, Summitt did it first.

Summitt and Auriemma had a falling out a few years ago and the Vols would no longer schedule a game with Connecticut. Ally Auriemma says that is but a footnote in the history of the two programs.

One of the comments on the blog is Tyler Summitt thanking her for her tribute to his mother.

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