Ashley Capps Endorses Rogero

Our old friend Ashley Capps does not often weigh in on local politics. As big chief of AC Entertainment, promoter of concerts and events far and wide, he has to work with (or around) whoever the powers-that-be may be. But he has been aboard Madeleine Rogero's mayoral bandwagon as a donor from early on, and this week took his support a step further, sending out a mass e-mail on her behalf. "She knows how to listen and she knows how to look at things from different angles and perspectives while making decisions and moving forward," he says of Rogero. Of her opponent, he says, "My impression of Mark Padgett is that he's a fine guy." But, he adds, "I must confess that I've been very disappointed by the clichéd political pandering that his campaign has started to indulge in, especially during the past couple of weeks." Capps is away this week, overseeing his Moogfest extravaganza in Asheville, N.C. But he reports that he voted early before he left.