Anyone Seen David Glasgow Farragut's Monument Lately?

At the center of a years-long controversy concerning possible private development of the old Lowes Ferry site (also known as Stoney Point, off Northshore just east of Admiral Farragut Park) is a large stone monument denoting the birthplace of David Glasgow Farragut. It's been there for 111 years. Until lately, that is. Since the 1970s, it's been behind a fence, on formally private property. John Fitzgerald owned it then; after his death a few years ago, his widow and heir Lylan proposed to develop the peninsula without necessarily insuring public access to the birthplace and monument, though local officials had been hopeful about working something out, if only a walking trail from the adjacent county park. But we got word last week that the marker itself is missing. The owner's attorney, who told a reporter last year that the owner had no plans to bother the marker, told us he had not been in touch with the owner lately, and had not heard that the marker was gone.

It's a large rock, nearly the size of a buffet table, and would require a bigger-than-average forklift to dislodge. If you see it, let us know.