And on the Sixth Day, He Made Powell

After Knox County school board members wrapped up a discussion of that contentious biology textbook Monday night, they and the sizable crowd that had turned out for the board's workshop meeting were given a rare treat: some homegrown creationism, courtesy of Powell resident and longtime anti-evolution activist Robert Gentry. Gentry, whose website ( outlines his intricate if bewildering creationist study of "the radioactive decay of primordial polonium," has fought a long, lonely battle with the scientific establishment. At Monday night's meeting, with board members looking bored, baffled, or embarrassed, he urged the school system to ban the book in question—Asking About Life—not only because its characterization of biblical creationism as a "myth" was offensive, but because "the evolutionists have buried the evidence of creation." He repeated a challenge he has made many times over the past several decades to debate any "evolutionist" on "national TV." He noted that so far, none have taken him up on it. Like Bob Dylan said, "I'm not gonna tell you why that is."