Al Jazeera Examines Knox Homelessness

The Volunteer Ministry Center hosted a film crew from Al Jazeera English last week, doing a story on the link between homelessness and mental illness. The crew spent Wednesday morning interviewing residents of Minvilla and the afternoon making the rounds with caseworkers.

Al Jazeera has purchased the cable network Current TV from Al Gore and will launch a news network in the near future. Al Jazeera English is presently available on some broadcast outlets and online. The program on Knoxville's downtown homeless should air some time within the next two to three weeks.

A producer who wanted to do a feature on the link between mental illness and homelessness did a Google search and turned up a story in the News Sentinel about Minvilla. He called Ginny Weatherstone at the Volunteer Ministry Center, arranged a visit, and the crew showed up a couple of days later.