Driver's Ed, Revisited

In most high school driver's ed classes, students often complain that everything being taught is common sense. However, based on a few recent Knoxville Police Department reports, it appears that local driver's ed instructors may need to dumb down their lesson plans even more and provide schooling in basic street smarts.

Lesson One: Don't leave your vehicle unlocked and unattended. If you are unsure whether you've locked your car, then perhaps you should check on that. Stat. Whatever you do, please don't leave your maybe-it's-locked-maybe-it's-not car unattended for 13 hours, as one Knoxville woman did July 7. Having parked her car at 6:30 a.m., she found several items missing when she returned to the vehicle at 7:30 p.m.

Lesson Two: Expensive electronics should not be stored in unlocked vehicles. A 50-year old man stopped at a local store at about 4 p.m. July 6. While he went inside, the man left his Chevy Silverado unlocked­­—with his laptop in the front floorboard. The man returned home... and then realized his laptop had been stolen.

Lesson Three: Keys + Car = Speedy Getaway. A 41-year old male left his car unlocked with the keys in it while he visited a local gas station July 8. Upon exiting the store, he found his Chevy missing from its parking space. Officials can't be certain, but they have a strong hunch about how this felony was carried out.