A Domino's Pizza Ambush

Hunger can sometimes push people to extreme measures—especially when that hunger demands a hot, delicious pizza pie. This must have been the case when a Domino's driver was caught in a premeditated pizza ambush on the night of Oct. 1.

A delivery order was received at the Domino's location on Broadway shortly before 10 p.m. The caller gave 1304 Natchez Ave. as the location for the pizza to be delivered. As the driver made his way to this destination, he realized that the supposed address was not valid. When the driver called the number and asked the customer to clarify his address, he was given 1927 Natchez Ave. The driver parked in front of 1925 Natchez, thinking that 1927 would be next door. But, unknown to the driver at the time, there is no "1927 Natchez Ave."

Thus, he was right where the mysterious caller wanted him.

A male in his early 20s approached the driver from the yard of a nearby house. Assuming this to be his customer, the driver began searching through his delivery bag to get the bill. Seeing his chance, the suspect grabbed the bag of pizzas and fled. A confused driver then called his manager and drove back to the store before notifying police.

So let this serve as a warning to all delivery drivers: Keep on your toes when handling that precious pizza cargo.