Do What Tastes Right

What's the perfect topping for a bowl of chili? Some prefer the salty crunch of Saltine crackers. Others may reach for a pile of shredded cheddar. A dollop of sour cream does the trick for other chili aficionados. However, for one man, the optimal ingredient is something that most won't find at the grocery.

According to a Knoxville Police Department report, officers stopped a car in Knoxville on June 15 after the driver failed to use a turn signal. After a K9 alert, the vehicle was searched. What the police found was a bowl of Wendy's chili with an unusual condiment: two white rock-like objects. Salt? Nope. Onions? Keep guessing. A field test found the substance to be positive for cocaine.

Whether you're someone who likes their chili with minimal additions or lots of toppings, a better choice might be something that's legal to consume.

—Lynsie Dickerson and Caitlin Kennedy