A Decidedly Unhappy Meal

From the files of the Knoxville Police Department

Sitting in a fast food drive-thru may be one of the most mundane experiences faced by denizens of the modern era. But one local woman received plenty of unexpected excitement during a recent stop for food.

Knoxville Police Department officers were dispatched to a local McDonald's at 11:42 p.m. on July 17 in reference to an assault. The victim claimed she was simply waiting to place her order in the drive-thru when the suspect approached her car and punched her through the open driver's side window. The suspect continued to strike the victim in the face—and then pulled out wads of her hair.

But it gets worse: In an attempt to flee the attack, the victim began driving away and hit the back of the vehicle in front of her, causing damage to her own front bumper and the back bumper of the other vehicle.

The assailant fled the scene before officers arrived, but the victim had a very good guess as to the motives behind the attack: the relationship she is apparently having with the suspect's husband. D'oh!